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* Application *

Name: Taylor
Sex: female
Location: California
Age: 14
Peircings/Tatoos: I just have my ears. I want at least ten more and two tattooes.
Hobbies: Music, sleeping, computer, singing and dancing [in the shower, lol], chillin
3 Favorite Movies: Wayne's World!, Stand and Deliver, Edward Scissorhands
3 Favorite Bands/Singers: Single Bullet Theory, Chimaira, Slipknot...
What do you think your best physical attribute is?: hmm, I like my eyes...and my hair's kinda cool
Do you consider youself cute, beautiful, or sexy?: cute
Who did you promote this community to?: I'll promote it in my journal.

3 or more CLEAR pictures of your face. =)

|&| I apologize for the bigness...my camera's weird |&|

the flash makes me look extremely pale, but I like that one


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