~*~Katie~*~ (katiegurl66) wrote in just_gorgeous,


* Application *

Name: Katie
Sex: Female
Location: Conyers, Georgia
Age: 16
Peircings/Tatoos: 3 peircings in each ear
Hobbies: dancing, horses, piano, clarinet, guitar, moveies, acting, modeling... there's a lot
3 Favorite Movies: Sleeping Beauty, Breakfast Club, Pirates of the Carribean
3 Favorite Bands/Singers: New Found Glory, Yellow Card, Dashboard Confessional
What do you think your best physical attribute is?: eyes
Do you consider youself cute, beautiful, or sexy?: ummm, i guess cute... i'd go as far as pretty (but i definately don't mind the comments of hey sexy, lol)
Who did you promote this community to?: I haven't promoted yet, but if I'm in then I will

3 or more CLEAR pictures of your face. =)

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